Common Questions


What should I expect at my first appointment?

For the first session, you will be asked to complete client forms. We will then review you reasons for seeking counseling and discuss treatment goals.

Do you take insurance?

I am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Aetna PPO, and United Health Care. I am also able to accept out of network insurance plans. I would be happy to verify your insurance benefits for you before your first appointment.

How much does it cost?

The self pay rate for counseling sessions is $160 for an initial evaluation and $135 for sessions after that.

How long is counseling?

Each counseling session is 53 minutes long.  The number of counseling sessions needed varies from person to person and will depend on your individual needs and goals.

Is counseling confidential?

Counseling is strictly confidential. There are a few instances where confidentiality is limited and these are: Danger to self or others, child or dependent adult abuse, and court ordered subpoena.